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My experience with Dr. Smith has been exceptional. For many years I have suffered from a number of neck and back issues, along with migraine headaches. These aches and severe pain were exacerbated whenever I participated in activities. They even made sleeping difficult. I stopped visiting chiropractors for years because of rough manipulations that sometimes made me feel worse when I left. However, this has not been the case with Dr. Smith. From the first visit, he listened to my concerns. His treatments put me at ease. They are stress free and comfortable. Dr. Smith cares about making his patients relaxed and most importantly, improving their health and well being.
Jo Ann, Saratoga Springs

For the past three years I have lived with back pain. On a scale on 1-10 my pain level was a 7. (24/7) I had been to see 2 different surgeons, had X-ray,MRI and CAT scans done as well as multiple back injections with no success and no diagnosis. On my initial visit to Dr. Smith he told me he sees many cases like mine every year. In a matter of months I began to see a reduction in my pain level without surgery and without medicine. Dr. Smith is knowledgeable, efficient and effective. Joanie is so helpful fitting my appointments around a busy work schedule. I am very grateful to the Saratoga Back Pain and Sports Injury Chiropractic Care.
Margaret, Saratoga Springs

I went to Dr. Smith 8 to 10 years ago because I could not turn my neck properly as a result of a bad fall which made it very difficult to drive or do anything that involved turning my head. I had a consultation with Dr. Smith and set up a series of appointments in which Dr. Smith did adjustments on my spine, gave me exercises to do at home, and within a couple months I was able to move my neck again. My spine felt better and as a result my whole body felt better. I make an appointment every month for maintenance to keep my neck moving and my body feeling good. In the event I hurt my back or neck while working in my yard or around my house, the first call I make is to Dr. Smith's office and Joan gets me right in the same day and the appointment runs on time. I have been to a spinal surgeon who basically told me there is no surgery for my back, therefore I don't know what condition I would be in without Dr. Smith.
Pat, Stillwater, N.Y.

I started seeing Matt Smith one year ago because of a pain in my low back and leg. This pain prevented me from playing tennis which I love to do.  He diagnosed it as sciatica. I visited the office three times a week for several months as he was able to stretch my spine and relieve the chronic pain. That, combined with home exercises he prescribed for me, has allowed me to be back on the tennis court. I now have appointments every three weeks to maintain the correction in my spine. The healing process has been easy in every way—from Matt’s genuine concern for my wellbeing to the accommodating efficiency of the office.
Nancy, Saratoga Springs

I was having lower back pain for a few weeks which limited me from playing hockey and anything else too active. The treatment for my pain was very comfortable and helped tremendously. Also every time you enter the office for treatment you are greeted with a smile and asked how you are. You are always in an out of the office in no time feeling better. After treatment I felt back to normal not being limited in hockey or any other aspects of everyday life.
Cody, Saratoga

When I think of Dr. Matt Smith, I have immense gratitude and respect for his knowledge and analytical ability to diagnose and treat a problem. When I first went to him in 2005, he literally saved me from getting back surgery. Unbelievably and regrettably, other medical professionals were unsure why my back was in severe pain and had put me on morphine -- the only drug that allowed me to function. Dr. Smith immediately knew what the core problem was, and his advice and treatments eventually pulled me out of that horrible condition. I will never ever forget it, and will always be indebted to him for it. It’s a 60 mile round trip to his office from my home, but ever since 2005 both my wife and I regularly see him, and he has continued to demonstrate his remarkable skills to help us heal a wide variety of chiropractic related issues. Combine his expertise with his ever-friendly disposition and you have a true genuine healer when you are in the hands of Dr. Matt Smith.
Dan, Cambridge, NY

Dr. Smith's treatment has immeasurably improved my quality of life. I was referred to him about 8 years ago for lower-back stiffness and pain that flared up every time I exercised, drove a car, attended a film or a concert, or even brushed my teeth. He immediately diagnosed the problem, carefully verified there was no anatomical damage, and commenced treatments, which were administered with great care and appropriate gradualness. Within a few weeks, the relief from pain and stiffness was complete. He has also diagnosed and treated neck and shoulder ailments. The new freedom he gave me has continued ever since, thanks to monthly treatments and the clear guidance Dr. Smith provides for coping with the impact of daily activities, through easy stretches and proper cushioning. I can now enjoy all those activities that used to hurt, even long car rides.
Jim, Saratoga Springs

I have been a patient of Dr. Smith for the past eleven plus years. During that time I have relied on his professional advice as well as his expert spinal manipulations to keep in check a chronic disc problem that has plagued me for years. He has provided me with the needed chiropractic procedures as well as the necessary knowledge to help me enjoy a more active and fuller lifestyle than I ever thought possible. I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the flexibility that I have experienced when making or changing my office visits. Joan has always been accommodating and most helpful when unexpected circumstances require rescheduling. That is because Joan (the real boss) is the greatest. I hope to continue my relationship with Dr. Smith for many years to come and welcome anyone who would like to join me.
Jerry, Ballston Spa

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